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Smoking Policy

Jewel is a non-smoking venue.


No Weapons

No guns of weapons of any kind are permitted in or around the venue.

Cell Phones

Please refrain from making phone calls inside the venue. Photos are encouraged!

Teatro Martini Presents:

Vaudeville Variety Revue

Experience and enjoy the Vaudeville Variety Revuew dinner show for a complete night out on the town, inclusive of a four-course dinner our amazing show, featuring comedy, music and award winning specialty acts. Enjoy Vaudeville Variety Revuew then continue your evening at Jewel, featuring live piano entertainment, craft cocktails and aperitifs.

Country Nights Live

A good ole shindig, where you can expect down home southern country food and drinks, fun with friends, and foot stomping, hand clapping entertainment.

An incredible production where the cast perform songs from yesterday and today. It will transport you to an amazing and unique country celebration experience where you will be able to dance and hear unforgettable songs with our live Barnyard Boys Trio, and enjoy an authentic country night that you will never forget.