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Charity Spotlight: Blatantly Honest Foundation

Jewel Speakeasy Orlando - Blatantly Honest Foundation

Orlando, Fl. – Blatantly Honest Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is willing to stand up against bullying and fight the stigma behind it.

Their mission statement is, “Together, we will change the stigma behind bullying and other social issues by educating the public, encouraging students to share their stories, and to become Blatantly Honest in their own lives.”

Founded by Makaila Nichols who has courageously come forward with her own experience of being bullied throughout her life. Through writing, she has been able to turn her story into a book and a place to aid other teenagers who have experienced the same challenges.

Now you can visit Jewel, our Speakeasy Lounge, and play for Blatantly Honest Foundation with our charity gaming.

How Does Our Charity Gaming Work?

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night you can buy our “jewel chips” and try your luck at Craps, Black Jack, and Roulette. Trade in your jewels for some great prizes including jewelry, authentic replica items from yesteryear, and more!

When you win, our charity wins for a great cause!

Proceeds of jewels that are purchased go to our charity of the month and in turn help our community.

Disclaimer: The jewels do not have any monetary value. They cannot be traded in for cash prizes.

Learn More about Blatantly Honest Foundation:

Official Site:

Instagram: @blantantlyhonestfoundation